April 19, 2021

Their otaku roommate is mad he missed out on the wild night they had… | Haruka Nogizaka – EP 1

He shouldn’t be so mad! At least he got to catch up on anime 🤓

Watch Haruka Nogizaka on Prime Video:

About Haruka Nogizaka:
Hakujo Academy is a private high school with a student body filled with elite students. At the top of this list is the beautiful Haruka Nogizaka, an intelligent and wealthy girl who comes from a prestigious family, and is by far the most idolized girl at school. Yuuto Ayase is a timid boy who admires her from a distance, never even dreaming of approaching her. But with a sudden twist of fate, Yuuto’s random visit to the school library brings Haruka’s darkest secret to light, one which could potentially destroy her current reputation of elegance. As it turns out, the school’s most beloved princess is actually a huge otaku. This revelation marks the beginning of a beautiful friendship between these two classmates.

Munenori Nawa

Mamiko Noto
Wataru Hatano
Mai Gotou

#HarukaNogizaka #PrimeVideo #RetroCrush

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Exploring how anime went from subculture to global phenomenon, RetroCrush is a community built to dissect the Golden Era of Japanese animation from the different perspectives of pop culture, fandom, art, internet memes & more.

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Haruka Nogizaka | RetroCrush

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