January 22, 2021

The Story of Fallout New Vegas Part 9: Render Unto Caesar – The Story of Caesar's Legion

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  • The song is thanks to the genius of Mozart. This is from Mozart’s Mass in C Minor. The lyrics are Latin and go “qui tolis pecata mundi” which means “who takes away the sins of the world”. As a mass it is a religious song, and the full phrase this comes from translated goes, “Lamb of God, who takes away the sins of the world, have mercy upon us”. We used only the pecata mundi part, as I thought it was fitting for the Legion, because they too are trying to eradicate the sins of the world. But whereas in theology Jesus does so by sacrificing himself, Caesar does so by wiping out those whom he believes have committed sins. We see this on display in Nipton (cheaters, gamblers, drunks, prostitutes), and as we see in this video, the Legion believes anyone not them is craven, or guilty of vice and impurity (especially the NCR) calling them “profligates” (a licentious, debased person).

    So, the Legion is taking away the sins of the world, not by wiping away the sin, but by annihilating the sinner.

    I hired a composer to produce the song. We made sure to use classical Roman pronunciation. Mozart’s includes vocals for women and men, but since the Legion only accepts men, I asked him to transpose the women’s lines for men–so all parts are here, just sung by men. We altered the song to make it cinematic, especially at the end.

    Also, new shirt in the shop 🙂

  • Decimatio was actually a very uncommon punishment in Ancient Rome. In all recorded cases of Decimatio, the victims were chosen by lottery. A more common punishment was Fustuarium, where a soldier would be beaten to death by his comrades. That was commonly done to soldiers who slept while on watch or in other ways betrayed their comrades.

  • The contrast between Caesar and his Legion is absolutely ingenuous. The Legion is a backwards, savage society, yet it is led by a cunning intellectual. It’s so bizarre, yet makes perfect sense. Just another reason FNV is one of the greatest games ever made.

  • I've played the game for hundreds of hours, modded and unmodded, and know the story inside and out but I still enjoy watching stuff like this!

  • One of my favorite ways to dispatch Benny here is to pickpocket maria from him and execute him with his own gun while giving him the same speech he gave me

  • I think ceasar is a coward

    Doesn't allow modern medicine yet has an auto doc, talks about proving yourself in battle but won't even fight himself

  • when it comes to killing benny i used love and hate the brass knuckles that i got from a viper gunslinger

  • Man I always hated Romans N Spartans but the legates are too op in comparison to THE WEAK NCR GENERAL also I love service rifles

  • Hey Oxhorn I know you're probably not gonna see this but I've been watching your videos for a few years and I just wanted to tell you personally thank you and you're awesome.

  • Everything about the way they handled Caesar's legion was pretty disappointing.

    I think primarily they were scared of causing actual political contraversy if they made any effort to make the Legion seem sympathetic or logical, so they had no choice but to make them barely more than organized fiends/bandits.

    Think about when we first run across the Great Khans. Initially the player may not think much more of them than the Fiends (the game's manifestation of pure, unbridled, undisguised, sadistic, predictable evil), as they are also drug addicted bandits, but we learn the Khans are more complex than their current situation makes obvious, and the player may hope for them to find better in the future, rather than wiping them out. Apparently that's fine. They kill the weak and wanderers to support their drug habits, no biggie.

    If that's possible, there was an even greater opportunity to do that with Caesar. The ideal of "rule by strength and honor" has been vilified in the West as a mere bandit's motto for generations, and the developers went with the status quo in their game and thus made the Legion seem ridiculous and stupid, as their faction and their troops are the weakest in the whole game by far. Their "crack troops" infiltrating the Hoover dam are little weaklings wearing normal light armor and armed with fire axes, like common junkies. Except for Ceasar's bodyguards, there's not one single battle in the entire game where the Legion ever shows itself to live up to it's own ideals, and nothing prompts human scorn more than a person who judges human value by strength, but is weak. We call such people bullies.

    Further, their entire ideal of restoring discipline to the corruption of modernity is never in any way shown, but rather the opposite. They're written/voice acted to indicate they are in even less control of their personal passions than members of other factions, if anything. They're commonly puny, aggressive, irritating, disrespectful, even wearing sunglasses and sporting mohawks, like typical anime street thugs. It would have been a lot more interesting showing them as highly disciplined and ready to die for their ideals of honor, with their daily training having paid off, making them serious threats with equally serious attitudes, as NCR sargents and Rangers are portrayed. A Spartan society where 50% of the entire population are bred from youth to be crack troops, with the rest breeding as fast as biologically possible for the purpose of conquest, would have been consistent with their ideals, and contrasted them to the young people of more indulgent NCR controlled territories, where the youth grow up with a lack ambition and discipline, and are often easily swept up into idleness, hopelessness, gang life, drugs, hedonism, etc.

    /That/ might have made the player actually stop and think outside the bubble they were likely born into, showing /no/ faction is entirely right or entirely wrong (not counting the fiends).

    But instead, the Legion was relegated to being a big, cartoony, out of touch bandit camp of wusses. Nothing in Ceasar's talk (which otherwise would have been interesting) matches up with the reality we see in the Fallout New Vegas world. Putting a captured, unarmed, 110lb woman in her underwear and acknowledging she's a better fighter than any troop in Caesars army was intentional, to show just how foolish Caesar and his philosophy are. His decisions are shown to not be based in a logical analysis of how the world works, tuned to his maximum advantage, but rather that he's just another stupid, out of touch villian, which is uninteresting. They might as well have had the player watch Chun Li easily dispatch 3 Zangeifs with the Ceaser stubbornly refusing to acknowledge reality, it would have been barely less subtle than what they did. I think the reverse is true. Caesar isn't right, but the West is blind, and anyone not in the West knows that very well.

  • I want an achievement called “ et tu “ to get it you have to kill Caesar after becoming idolised by the legion

  • Anyone else find it irresistible to whack Vulpes at every time we got to Nipton, regardless of whether in a pro-Legion playthrough or not, or is it just me? Sceaw that straight-edge holier-than-thou furry degenerate, no one order the courier around😤

  • anyone else find it funny that the same guy who voices caesar is the one who plays carmine falcone in gotham i find that hilarious XD

  • Caesar is my favorite character in all of gaming. He’s like a Colonel Kurtz or a Thanos, in his eyes the ends 100% justify the means. Very well voice acted too, best voice in the game imo.

  • I personally am for the NCR ideologically out of the four choices but though caesars legion may be said to be bad and cruel it makes me qustion is this just their wartime prowess that they must be this strict during warfare we sadly do not see any legion towns but fromm cass and barton they say the legion routes are safe that there are no bandits and raises the qiestion is the legion needed for subduing bandits then slowly transfer over to more a democratic society?

  • I killed Caesar on my first visit to see him and it changed nothing about the game. The Legion continued being bad guys with a back-up leader and the story just continued. I didn't really know there were missions for The Legion until my second play-through.

  • For the record, you can kill vulpes inculpa in Nipton, get the mark of Caesar after coming out of the tops after interacting with Benny, and go in with render under Caesar as normal. As I’m typing this I’m realizing you did it the way you did it to show that aspect of the story line where you don’t kill him but, I always hate him too and after my third or fourth play through, I don’t even talk to him, I just murder him.

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