January 19, 2021

Tera Classic : First Impressions

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Tera Classic Review

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  • 1:25 hits me in the kuponuts. I play FFXIV and I preorder the Collector's edition expansions and pay a monthly $15 sub so… yeah, FG. I'm living that now. 100% worth it though.

  • Im always searching for that AUTO SHIT button on every mobile mmorpg. if that thing exist, it's on my blacklist as usual, i might try it just for the looks or gameplay tho.

  • Original Tera is also gender lock and some classes are race locked. I personally do not like "Everyone can do everything" bullshit.

  • this game looks dated and tho the lack of an english translation hurts it a little. still its more fun than many newer mmo

  • What TERA REALLY got famous for (or at least heavily promoted as) was being "True Action Combat". At it's time that was impressive, we had stuff like WoW and FFXI and anything remotely action didn't quite track hitboxes too well– TERA came to change that! TRUE! ACTION! COMBAT!
    So what did the mobile version do?
    Freakin' autoplay garbage like every other mobile MMO.

    Thanks, I hate it.

  • Compelling and exciting gameplay. Mobile MMOs should just be cut scenes cause we aren't playing the games anyway…

  • FG, u are probably right, some game company just happen to get the license of Tera…. i really doubt the mother company of PC Tera will make such a boring game…. must be blinded.

  • auto games are dumb. why not just watch a youtube vid of a game instead? same thing lmao. neeexxxtttt

  • City of Heroes. And City of Villains. And Going Rogue. Full box price and paid subs. salutes the Atlas statue

  • At some point you have to ask yourself why would you play a game that plays itself? Auto/idle games are so redundant they take the fun out off everything, even watching it on YouTube made me cringe

  • "Why bring an old game to a new region?" Im looking at you Phantasy Star Online.

    Also for the race and gender lock only thing I can think of is that now they have to make less models when they sell people costumes so less time/money to make but they still bring in roughly the same income since Id assume the race and genders they combo'd are what their stats say are the most popular combos from the pc version.

  • Been a long time since I got invested in an actual PC MMORPG. I think the last one for me was Guild Wars 2. I bought the new expansion, played the hell out of it and life just got waay too busy to invest in an MMORPG. What was the last PC MMORPG that you got invested in, FG?

  • I still think Ranger's of Oblivion is the definite Mobile MMO. If only they ever update the damn game lol

  • lol I wonder why they didn't translate it. all their one star reviews come from people complaining about the chinese. they even respond to the reviews in chinese 😂😂

  • Bruh, Tera: Rising was the shit back in my highschool days, when I still owned a PC.

    All about that Slayer Life.

  • I played TERA. MMO's don't tickle me anymore, but hopefully get this translated and I would try it out

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