String Function – strcmp() | String compare | PHP Tutorials for beginners – 8 [HINDI]

In this video tutorial, we will discuss strcmp() function. The strcmp() function refers to string compare function. In PHP programming, to compare two string, we need to use string compare function.
PHP tutorials for beginners help understand complete PHP course for beginner to the developer.

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PHP strcmp() function

PHP in Hindi –
PHP in Hindi | Introduction


PHP in Hindi | data types

PHP in Hindi| String

Constants in PHP in Hindi

PHP in Hindi | String functions

PHP tutorials –
Insert data and delete data using PHP and MYSQL database

Update operation using PHP and MySQL database

PHP CRUD application with MYSQL database

Session in PHP

PHP cookies

Login system using PHP session and MYSQL database

Complete PHP Tutorials


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Reference for –
1. String compare function.
2. strcmp() function example .
3. Hindi & English mixed

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