April 19, 2021

Stereoscopic 3D basics | Maya tutorial | lynda.com

Learn the key concepts of stereoscopic 3D, such as interocular distance, zero parallax plane, and stereo types. Watch more Maya tutorials at

This is a single movie from the Stereoscopic 3D Environments in Maya course at lynda.com. In this course, David Mattingly shows how to set up and render stereoscopic 3D environments in Maya.

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  • The description of the parallel mode is completely wrong. Any shooter with experience in stereo photography knows that the proper orientation of your taking lenses must be parallel to one another to create a correct stereo image. Examine the Stereo Realist camera, for example. The lenses are mounted flat to the camera body and cannot toe in.
    The viewers eyes are meant to roam around the stereo stage, toeing in or out as the converged objects in the view are examined – JUST AS IN REALITY. Toeing in the lenses – whether done with a camera or with Maya – is not proper if you are trying to achieve natural looking stereo.

  • Some days after I had my first trip of LSD, I started to see duplicated… Then I realized that I was stereoblind before cause my brain only saw with one eye at a time, and then I realized my brain was recognizing both images at once, I just needed to know how to fuse then… Then I started to make exercises, like puting an object near your nose and try to "decipher" how those two 2d images could make a 3d perception of depth… I had some bad time doing it… Sometimes it seemed nearly impossble… Then I kept trying a lil more and some day I just saw a random object while training, and the feeling is like "hooooly shit, this was right there all the time, I just didn't treated the images with the right approach before"… And still today my 3d vision is improving more and more, naturally…

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