January 19, 2021

Static in C++

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Static in a class scope ► Coming soon…

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  • Ok, you set the function in the non-main file to be static, but the function on the main file is not static, wouldn't this one get in conflict with the static one inside the non-main file?

  • The best C++ series that I saw. This is not a "do this, do that" manual, You shows really knowledge about You talk. Thank You!

  • AWESOME Presentation!
    static in a class means its public, shared, and the same (for that class) and
    static outside a class means its private (for that file)
    fantastic, I don't feel so dumb after realizing how dumb this is.
    Thank you sir.

  • Maybe something has changed but I don't get a linking error after removing the static keyword from s_Variable in Static.cpp

    Edit: I figured it out. I was creating a new file with 'ctrl + n' which by default created the file outside of the same solution so I guess the linker wasn't finding that variable. I added the new file through the solution explorer and was able to reproduce.

  • How does the compiler see the variable in Static.cpp if you’re not explicitly doing the #include?

  • As a java/kotlin programmer, I knew to learn CPP was going to be difficult, but I didn't expect the difficulty coming from the language being this inelegant/ugly. In Java the keywords don't change their meaning this radically

  • So around 2:10 main.cpp can only see the s_Variable defined in the main.cpp because the one in static.cpp is defined as static. But during the compilation of static.cpp, wouldn't it see both variables (one in static.cpp and one in main.cpp as main.cpp wasn't declared to be static). So how is the program running successfully?

  • In lua to make something local to a translation unit, you just call it "local x = 10"

    So why did they choose to name it "static" and not local?

  • What exactly is this "translation unit" of which you speak? You make it sound like a source file, but I happen to know that global functions can also define static variables.

  • Wait… I do not get this as clearly as I want. So basically, he says that two global variables can not have same name then does that mean I can not have a variable x in two different cpp files? Because, we can have same name for variables as long as they are in different cpp files. Also, how does this main.cpp know that a variable with the same name has been declared before but in another cpp file? I mean, for a file to be present in another file, there needs to be some sort of #include pre-processor, right? I Have watched the linking and compiling videos, but I still do not get this. If anyone can explain this, it would benefit all of us here. Thanks a ton in advance

  • The value of the static variable also remains the same across all the instances of the class, every object of such class share and keep the same value of that common static variable. If you change the value of this static variable from object1, it also changes value in every other object of that class.

  • At 3:10 you mentioned the linker will not see in the global scope, and you said 'try compile my code' and got linking error, you mean you actually built it and not only compile?

  • 'static' is such a strange keyword to use for variables outside of a class. It would make more sense to use 'private', no?

  • There is a meaning for static keyword inside functions. It will persists the value of local variable despite of calls.

  • The current number of views (49300) doesn't do you justice but judging by the rate it's growing (~100 in the last half hour) it should hopefully get really high soon.

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