January 22, 2021

Static for Classes and Structs in C++

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  • "static class" title is misleading. a class cannt be static. it should be "static members". also static methods can access non-static members because they don't have "this" hidden pointer. static member data don't contribute in the memory of class objects because they are not a part from any object. struct Foo{ static int x; void foo(){} static void bar()}; int Foo::x; cout << sizeof(Foo);// 1
    * also static member functions cannot be const again because they don't have this pointer. they also cannot call non static member functions: Foo::
    void Foo::bar(){ foo(); // error foo() is not static method

  • My takeaways:
    1. Static variables that are inside a class are shared between class instances 0:29, like global variables for the class
    2. Static methods have a similar effect 1:10
    3. Why we want to use static inside a class 4:50
    4. Static methods can’t access non-static variables 5:35

  • This is the first video of his I felt confused about, I'll make a mental note to learn and experiment about static from other resources, but continue on with the series

  • 3:11 Tell me that is just a hack, and that's not really how you would do that. It's so confusing, you creating a class, but then have to define stuff outside the class.

  • I have been watching the videos in correct order but now I am lost at the mention of int Entity::x; It would be good to expand this.

  • An example of this in use and i'm just guessing here would probably in speedrunners team mode where the team members share boost but then again…nvm

  • If I pass an instance pointer (or reference) to a static method, can the static method access private variables within that instance? Is it necessary to declare static member functions friends of the class or are they born with full privileges?

  • I think this is a bad video on classes cuz he keeps on having exceptions like "i'm not gonna use class, instead see my other video". "This is not written correctly but for an example".
    It just adds more to the things you don't know and everythings gets harder to understand. An explanation of a topic should focus on the topic in a regular, known-to-begginners, scenario.

  • The whole video makes sense except for the linker error at 3:00. Why would you need to manually define those variables?

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