November 24, 2020

Properly controlling an Ender 3 pro with a LattePanda print server

In this video I show how I add a print server to my Ender 3 pro with a LattePanda. A LattePanda is, in contradiction to a Raspberry Pi, a full-fledged computer with an Intel 64bit CPU running on Windows 10. It comes with an Arduino co-processor which can be used to control all kinds of hardware. Together with a Gravity shield it’s possible to add certain modules directly to control all kinds of things.
My intention was to use an Arduino print monitor and act upon the different states of the printer and control the hardware to shut down the printer automatically. I wasn’t able to pull this off and decided to make my own application using LabVIEW. This is purely to show my idea and it isn’t by far a properly working application.

The enclosure and display holder can be downloaded from my site
The LattePanda I’ve used is this one:
The Gravity shield

The relay
The Bitlash Arduino library

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I place photos of the projects I am working on here too at random to get you excited with what has to come!

The link to my website:
Software used for making this video:
– Mechanical design: Fusion 360
– Illustrations: Inkscape
– Laser engraving: Lightburn
– Slicer: Simplify3D
– Video editing: Davinci Resolve
– Screen recording: Captura
– Audio recording: Audacity
– Photo enhancing:

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to leave a comment!


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  • Lol. Why is this table reflective so I can see my face of defeat:). Brilliant. I'm same way except with a lot more swearing.

  • setup location.
    Sorry sir the alcohol sensor informs me that you are to sober to 3d print on this machine.
    Please drink beer to continue.

  • Could you tell me what display you are using? Great videos by the way. I like that you put everything in the videos including the fails and thought processes. It's like, throw some shit at the wall and see what sticks.

  • @
    Proper Printing

    Really enjoy the video's Thank you for sharing, You really should buy a Tronxy x5sa pro. wonder what you could do with it. I own 4, 3d printers. Cr10-S, Sovol SV-01, Prusa mk3s and my favorite is the Tronxy x5sa PRO why is it so good, well for around $400 it has 32bit controller 24v, with TMC drivers & it can print between 100mm/s to 150mm/s out of the box this has to be the best printer for the money out there but only the PRO version as the standard version don't compare, it also has a simple touch screen but unique real time speed change on screen really cool feature. plus firmware tweaking uses simple coding anyone could learn. type small line of code save as file & use print function to upload the change very simple way of modding firmware. Check it out , Cheers

  • Hi from Brazil, this is my best reference video for Ender 3 modifications. So amazing job!

    Keep going with that great knowledge and commitment.
    See you next!

  • I like that you leave in all your frustrations before you eventually get sucess. Alot of channels edit those parts out and make things like this look way too easy. never edit anything out mate, you're content is brillaint.

  • Do you have a link to the program you made ? I would like to incorporate this into my system. Thank.

  • Speaking of the pointer in the touch screen, imagine connecting a Wacom (or something like that for more precision and a wheel knob for the Z position) so it would be like printing with a 3D Pen but more awesome!

  • This is really the best of the best channel related to 3d printer DIY project which I can find on Youtube.

    Ender with swappable hotend, foldable structure, printer server, carbon fiber nylon heat-up tray, multitool machine (CR-10), laser head… etc.. you name it…

    Man, end up you are building a SUPER 3D printer, genius !!!

  • Interesting project, Going to attempt this on my printers. Thanks a lot for your interresting content!

  • there is no lattepanda display holder without a few setbacks, and you didnt even try to center the damn screen^^

  • I NEED YOUR HELP. printing a small whoop quadcopter, I am using cura. Problem is ,After 2 hours of printing ,the printer stops in the front left hand corner. The first time this happened I thought the filament had jammed, so started a New print same STL File. Just after 2 hours ,I even did a video showing a friend how great it was printing ,when 5 minutes later I went to check and the print head had stopped in the same position as last time, front left corner, it allowed me to click resume print. But as I did the print head lowered into the print and was jammed. It was like it wanted to go to first print layer. I got the stl file off Thingiverse and there arnt any complaints about it. Strange why it would stop in the same place twice and after same time period of 2hours sumit. Grateful for your input

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