April 19, 2021

Must Have Seiko Bracelet Upgrade? SKX009 and SARB033 Strapcode Bracelet Review

Must Have Seiko Bracelet Upgrade? SKX009 and SARB033 Strapcode Bracelet Review on the JustBlueFish YouTube channel, home of high quality wristwatch and horology related reviews and videos.


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Today we’re checking out a couple of Strapcode bracelets for the Seiko SARB033 and Seiko SKX009. These Strapcode bracelets are extremely popular and often considered must have Seiko upgrades, but do they live up to the hype?


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  • Luckily I found your video because initially I was very tempted to get this bracelet. They gave such a detailed description and explanation that paint a decent upgrade. I really appreciate your sincerity in this review and allows us to make a well informed decision. Thank you.

  • Agree!The stock SKX jubilee bracelet's comfort is second to none! The strapcode is not much of an upgrade in my opinion.

  • Can I ask – how difficult did you find it to engage the end links in the lug holes because I am finding it near on impossible to swap over my leather strap back to the original factory bracelet.

  • My standpoint – there is no satisfying steel bracelet for the SARBs, which is sad.

    And yes I hate and curse those ugly ugly gap on the original bracelet which you pointed out.

    For me the bracelet itself seems to never ever fit.
    To narrow/to large. (Sighs)

    🤷‍♂️ I really love the watch tho.

  • The fit of the bracelet to the lugs would drive me nuts. Would bigger spring bars alleviate the problem? Does seem expensive for what it is.

  • The Strapcode Jubelee turns my SKX009 into my favourite watch to wear. Comfort wise I've no complaints about the OEM bracelet, I've just found the Strapcode adds a feel of luxury that gives the SKX a premium feel on my wrist that substantially adds to it's enjoyment.

    Admittedly, that's probably just a long way to say "I like how the Strapcode Jubelee stops my SKX from rattling like a set of keys".

  • I think that the major beef most people have with the SARB 033 OEM bracelet is the fact that it only has two micro adjustments. Mine sized up fairly well. I always hear of people going to the bracelet you installed. The polished center links would bother me for scratches and fingerprints. So the OEM one is good and you have confirmed that. Certainly better than the Seiko 5 bracelets I have had. Although until watch videos informed me that the Seiko 5 bracelets were not good. I have a Seiko 5 I bought twenty years ago and have always used the bracelet not "knowing" it wasn't any good. I have also submerged the watch not knowing that you cannot. The stock 7s26a finnally died and I bought a 4r36 and installed it just for fun and it is running again. Just having a problem finding a crown. As the 7s26a crown will not work.

  • This is a good chance to share my experience with Strapcode.
    First of all, let me say that I consider Strapcode bracelets of excellent quality but overpriced, considering they are an asian product.
    I bought a Super Oyster and a Jubilee Strapcode for my SKX 007 and 009. They fit perfectly and changed completely the look of my SKXs, providing the same level of quality of the watch that the OEM straps, in my opinion, don't have.
    Then I bought an other Super Oyster 22 mm for a friend of mine and a Super Jubilee 20mm for my father in law's SKX 013 with no issues at all. Both of them are doing an excellent job.
    Great quality even if rather expensive.
    Next Super Oyster purchase, for another friend of mine, was a nightmare.
    It was sent with the wrong end links.
    Even though I sent pictures of the defective end links, I was asked to send the end links (shipping costs at my charge) to them and, even though they received the evidence of the shipping documents, they did not send the replacement links before they received the wrong ones.
    After many weeks I eventually received two end links wich fit the case, but the internal side of the links was of such a poor quality that they looked manufactured with a hand tool rather than a tool machine.

    Furthermore I was promised a refund for shipping costs I never received.
    What a shame!
    I won't starve for 10 dollars … but for sure I won't rank Strapcode as a serious Company.
    Despite everything I purchased a Super Engineer II for my Orient Pro Saturation.
    Once again I am impressed with the excellent quality of the bracelet, which fits the watch much better than the OEM Oyster style.
    Overall I am happy with my Strapcode bracelets.
    I recently bought a Sarb 033, but, in my opinion, Strapcode do not offer anything interesting for the Sarb: the Angus Jubilee is too heavy for a 38 mm case and the Super Oyster diver clasp is too big for the dressy personality of the Sarb.
    In conclusion, must have Seiko bracelet upgrade? SKX yes, Sarb no.

  • Could anyone compare these Strapcode bracelets to the ones that come on Loreo and Pagani Design divers? I have those and wonder where these (at the same or higher cost than the watches) would be worthwhile upgrades.
    Or to put it differently, who much of a watch would it take to come with a Strapcode level bracelet? Phoibos? Above or below?

  • I have a Strapcode on my gen 3 blue Monster – it's definitely an upgrade over the stock bracelet (and most Seiko bracelets for that matter), but I think I was expecting a bit more from it to be honest. It also seems to like to catch on my arm hairs as well. I put a darker brown leather strap on my SARB033 (as well as a single domed crystal from Crystal Times – I love it) as I wasn't a fan of the bracelet, and didn't want to get a Strapcode…..very comfortable and looks better.

  • Youre supposed to have fat bars with strapcode. Its not the bracelets fault. Just change the spring bars. Mine came with them.

  • What a shame… i have the angus jubilee for my skx, and it fits great and the same clasp fold over security is super tactile… also the springbars fit just right.. it seems that their qc is not the best.. thanks for the video 👍

  • I don't know that I've heard anyone go ga-ga over strapcode bracelets, but I really don't like Seiko bracelets (& rubber straps) on my divers and I've replaced most of mine with miltat/strapcodes. You may wanna try fatter springbars to take out the endlink slop. Personally, I like the fit of the endlinks when I use the correct-size springbars, and I'm pretty sure that I've been given both fats and skinnys when I got them. Anyhow, they seem to work for me. I put a strapcode angus jubilee on my orient triton and its larger proportion really improves the appearance and weight balance of a larger watch of that kind.

  • What do you think about the Grand Seiko SBGH269? I was offered to purchase this watch and I am on the fence whether I should pull the trigger. I am worried about value retention down the road if I decide to sell one day I would hate for it to be worth half of retail purchase price.

  • hello sir, maybe that sarb033 can be fit with fat spring bar from seiko will counter that problems? just a thought, because i don't have that watch in my collection. try changing to 2.5mm or 2.0mm spring bar.

  • I have a super jubilee that I bought new for my SKX and an oyster that I bought used for my Alpinist. I respect your opinion, but have had absolutely no issues with either. The fit is good and the quality is excellent. Overall, I enjoy wearing them. Just my opinion.

  • I on the other hand recived today Angus Jubilee for my mini turtle and wow am i impressed! Super tight fit on the endlinks (much better then longines i have on my vhp, and way way better than stock mm300 bracelet) and the clasp is really nicely done.
    I guess they do better and worse bracelets.. That actually sucks. Shame You dont get that cool upgrade feel

  • Have you tried using the OEM spring bars from the stock bracelet? Maybe that solves it?

    EDIT: Apparently the OEM spring bars are even smaller at 1.5mm. I have the same endlink wobble on mine, so I'll try a 2.5mm fat spring bar as suggested by another viewer. Will update tomorrow.

    EDIT 2: Fat spring bars are too big lol FML.

  • The OEM SJ on the SKX009 is the most comfortable bracelet there is and adds to the charm of this watch. No way I'd ever swap it for anything.

  • Awesome review and right on the money. Strapcode bracelets are way over priced for the quality. Thank you for finally telling the truth about Strapcode.

  • Thanks guy I was going to buy one for my 035( I hate the gap on the stock bracelet you pointed out) but not now. I always suspected that strapcodes reputation preceded them and now I know that to be correct. Thanks you've saved me £100.

  • Bought a lot of strapcodes over the years, can find faults in most i dont buy them anymore .
    The sarb 33 suits a crown and buckle choc brown leather strap really well

  • Strapcode is a mixed bag…the bracelet links are ok, but the clasps are really not great. Especially they dont have a dressier/smaller clasp for smaller watches…I wouldn't put a divers clasp on something like a SARB033/35. Also their Angus Jubilee bracelet might work on a diver but is way too thick and the links are bigger than usual…looking very misplaced on smaller watches.

  • My first experience with Strapcode was quite poor. My issue was with the flip lock on the clasp, the thing wouldn't stay closed. Great looking but cheap for sure. I feel I wasted $75 on the Super Jubilee 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • I’m not a fan of male end links, especially with having small wrist. Strapcode bracelets are ok, I wouldn’t say they’re that much of an upgrade. Just my opinion with one experience with them

  • Seiko 5 comes in a black case, gun metal case, rose gold case ect… waiting for the matching fitted end link bracelets for these.

  • I've purchased numerous strapcode bracelets. I'd say about 1 out of every 2 didn't fit, and most of the ones that did didn't fit very well. Strapcode has a lot of improvement to make.

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