Yeah, it does look pretty cool. Gladiators fighting in arenas during ancient rome, new weapons, armour and of course what can we expect from multiplayer or singleplayer? Even mods maybe? I can’t wait to see what this game brings in 2020 with the upcoming xbox scarlett and ps5 but i guess we will just have to find out…

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  • Im not sure if its obvious but the gameplay is ryse son of rome… there are only screenshots of gladiux so far. Sorry for any confusion

  • umm the psp game wasnt the original. gladiator colliseum road to freedom for ps2 was the original game before the psp one

  • is there a game like colloseum fight for freedom PS 2 ? thats the best of the best gladiator game i've ever player. i really miss it and i hope theres remake -_-

  • I played the gladiator begins series from whitch gladiux is based on. If they just copy and paste the old combat man are y'all in for a treat .

    One of the cool mechanis in the game was to build audience hype and once you crossed a threshold on a meter you could call upon the audince and their cheers would hype you up and it would gain you ridiculous stamina regen for a short amount of time .

  • Hmm. Hope the real game is a bit more realistic than this. HP's and multiple strikes to hurt someone? Silly. Let's see limb damage, one shots, etc. Like the real deal.

  • Happy to see a new gladiator game to consoles. Reminds me of Spartacus Legends that was a great game for ps3 and was shut down

  • I think if you look at Colosseum road to freedom you can get an idea of what to expect somewhat. I'd say it will have more of a focus on single player, and have multiplayer as an afterthought. Colosseum road to freedom was more of a gladiator simulator. This is what I'm hoping for.

  • ya'll wanna know the greatest coincidence i went through? 2013, ryse: son of rome comes out, I'm learning about the romans at school during that time, 2016, battlefield 1 comes out, i'm learning about WW1 at school during this time and guess what came out in 2017, call of duty ww2 and yep you guessed it, i was learning about WW2 in school.

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