April 22, 2021

How To Find Your PERFECT Role In Valorant

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0:00 Intro
0:16 QOTD
0:37 Initiators
1:59 Controllers
3:37 Duelists
5:11 Sentinels
6:46 Different Roles
7:13 IGL (In-Game Leader)
7:25 Entry Fragger
8:06 The Oper
8:32 The Lurker
9:32 Outro

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  • Reyna, Phx, jett, and raze should be considered initiation classes. People in low elo play them as duelists but they really are there to get info on a site, disrupt, and a quick pick, and then the rest of their team moves in with an advantage

  • How to ACTUALLY find your perfect role: figure out what you are naturally good at, be it aim, decision making, game sense, lurking, shotcalling, communication, whatever it is. Find that thing you are amazing at and learn characters that reward you the LEAST for those skills. This will force you to have a more complete game, and will focus your energy on the things you actually need to improve on. Take it from someone who had the game sense of a deer in headlights but could aim like shroud. I one tricked viper(who has no abilities that directly reward aim) to diamond 1 with 0 prior tactical shooter expirience(i was a masters overwatch dps one trick who peaked gm 4221)

  • Lol "breach is one of the best agents" literally no one at pro level picks breach and morello and the team is thinking about how to buff him (it can be easily found) this video is only from 2 days again but feels like it was thought about during the beta.

  • Why do I feel like this man doesn’t actually play the game I have never heard anyone say entry frager or igl

  • Controler agents are the best because whithout them is almost impossible to rush,plant or defuse because them control the map the ground were they are etc

  • to many duelists in this Game… It's annoying when you have to play with 3 duelists , sage and you as a controller… You have to put all the work together while they always rush 🤮

  • Nothing is more fun than playing with a Jett insta-locker, a toxic Phoenix who disses the team while top fragging, and a baiting Raze who forces you to entry frag as a Cypher, as you hopelessly die while your Sage tries to frantically heal you.

  • Sorry to be neatpicky buy Elo isn't an acronym. It's the last name of one Alfred Elo who invented the Elo ranking system in chess.
    Thanks for the good content!

  • i main cypher because i like to gain information for my team by using his camera his trapwire is ok i mean its not the best ability in the game & his smoke screen isnt too bad either i think he's a must pick because of how deadly tht camera is at obtaining information for the team

  • this isn't related to this particular video, but still relevant to valorant. i'm in a situation where i find myself able to hit shots well (headshots on stationary & strafing bots, near & farther away) but when i go in game, it's like suddenly i can't hit my shots. any tips on how i can improve that? in practice i usually try stationary shooting and jiggle peeking, etc. which are common in actual games too

  • I main Cypher and I don't see many people out there using him. People surely underestimate his abilities. I have a decent aim and his abilities works best for distraction which gives me some easy kills.

  • QOTD: I think new agent classes are completely unnecessary. All the current classes cover just about everything that could be added. A new one would be a waste of time and effort, especially when the classes mean nearly nothing to anyone who has played the game for a significant amount of time. Classes would have been better if they had been left out entirely and had a sort of point-esque system that categorized things into Dueling/Holding/Pushing/Info/etc. but that would have likely gone over newer players heads, so it works out either way.

  • Why are all the enemies outlined in gold on this video? Is there some setting I'm missing in game because that seems helpful (and maybe a little op?) as HECK

  • The problem with releasing a new class of agents is, that for it to be balanced, I feel like they would have to release a couple at once. Maybe I'm wrong but the other classes all have more than one option so it would feel weird if a new class came out and was restricted to one champ

  • I would like to see more agents like cypher and sova, and i would like to give new role to them, like info deliver or something like that

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