April 22, 2021

GameMaker Tutorial – Working With ini Files – Character Select Example

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In this tutorial I’ll show you how to use .ini files to store data. In this case we’ll use an .ini file to store which characters are locked and which are unlocked in our character selection example.

If you would like to have the ability to store ini files from predefined locations outside of your game’s executable directory then check out my tut on the Rini DLL here ▶

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Happy Coding 😀

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  • hey nice vid, but i have a question, how can i make this work if i have a main character that is always unlocked, and then he have to buy the others

  • Hi nice tut buddy but how can i do to unlock the characters with my score? For example if i get 5000 points i unlock one of the players

  • 😛 Hy again…so i found out my problem..and that i need a INI file..this is what i have so far.





    Is this enough to tell him that i want him to know the variables in every object where he needs it? Or do i need to read them too in any way?

  • wow thanks man I was really stressing on creating a stat tracking system for my game with the .ini saving system, you really made it easy to understand, this tutorial really helped alot

  • I have a problem that I save a string to a ini file which goes like testtesttest#testtesttest#testtesttest…. and when I read it back I can only see "testtesttest" … it kinda erases everything after the # sign. Anyone know how to solve this shit?

  • why my game won't save on android using ini files..

    but, when i run on my pc, my score save on PC using ini files~

  • Wow, A tutorial that wasn’t made for absolute beginners! Thank you for not explaining something I could easily figure out on my own.  Sure the code could be made more stream line, but the amazing explanation, on *.ini files, was really all I needed to learn about.  Better coding is something all programmers will learn with practice.   Great job!

  • it would have been better if you would have created 2 objects that are changing depending on a variable and than just saved if the variable is true or false and put it in a script.

    I think that would have made not just more sense also it would have saved you a lot of coding.

  • hey good game 😀 you know how to do a game with the stile attack for the game Final fantasy 7?

  • I've been struggling for days trying to figure out how to save data on android. Thank you so much for the help. I've been reading article after article, wiki after wiki, looking for a way, countless hours thrown away. Then you saved me. Thank you SOOOO much for this tutorial. Give yourself a little pat on the back for making a difference in the world. You rock!

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