April 20, 2021

GameMaker 8 – Rini DLL – Faster than GM ini Functions

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In this tutorial I’ll show you how to use .ini files to store data. Not using Game Maker’s built-in functions, but rather a clever DLL that’s not only up to 10x faster but also has alternate path support so that you can access and store .ini files wherever you want. In this case I’ve put together a mock register and log-in system that one might find in an MMO game.

Very special thanks to Revel for making this great dll.

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Happy Coding 😀

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  • can you make a tutorial to show how to combine this with the .ini files encryter? by the way, cool tutorial, very usefull

  • I don't know if gamaker's ini functions do this but this one keeps crashing when reading large strings but not when writing them. Even when there is a large string anywhere in the ini file it crashes. The only workaround I've come up with is to break the string into several Keys though a bit difficult when writing data structures….

  • I got a question, where can I find my files created based after I registered a new account in game maker?

  • THX a bunch, helped out a lot. Is it ok if I credit you as SlasherXGAMES for this? by the way. One glitch in this function, it will ignore strings with a . in them. It will just take the default value, something I discovered trying to integrate this function with my auto updater. Also, this function is hella fast, I can now finally make a custom save system with ini files!

  • Check out my tutorial on rotating character towards mouse.
    In the object you want facing something:
    Just replace image_angle = point_direction(x, y, mouse_x, mouse_y);
    image_angle = point_direction(x, y, x co-ord of facing object, y co-ord of facing object);

  • b) I read somewhere that unless a dll uses GMAPI (which gives a dll direct access to many resources from Game Maker), calling the dll function has large overhead, so the speed increase isn't guaranteed. If you really want to query its performance and whether it utilises GMAPI then give Revel a shout and ask him about it. You can get to him via his Rini dll page on the YoYo Games Community forum.

  • a) I'm glad you picked up on this. When coding a MMO engine using one of the popular dlls, one should have the client disconnected from the game world as soon as the server stops receiving information from him. If the server-side player obj to the specific client is allocated a variable that contains the username of the client then during the server-client disconnection it could quickly open up the user's profile and edit it as such. I have not implemented this personally but it seems possible.

  • Nice videos, thank you for these!
    2 Questions:
    a)with the login/logout thing, how do you handle events like the game crashing or the the user force quitting so there's not proper logging out?

    b) when do you think the performance advantages of rini actually exceed the overhead of calling the dll? I'm making a game with procedural level elements and want to record their sequence each time it's played (for balancing and debugging purposes). My approach would be to add letters to a string…

  • I could just send you a PM with the specifics.
    Basically you'd have buttons in a main menu for level selection and use a global variable for the score. This score is saved every time the user quits the game via an .ini file as described in this tut.
    Your level select room would open this .ini file and check the score each time this room is visited. If the score read from the file is favourable then the image representing level 2 is unlocked. The PM I'll send you will go into greater detail.

  • please can u do a tutorial about this

    if score >=

    what ever

    then unlocked the next level and change the first level picture to another one

    and save the score

    sorry but i got confused about how to do it

    again i need a tutorial about levels

    if the 1st level score bigger or what ever then unlocked net level if not do something els

    please can u help me am stack ]; subs

  • Don't forget rini_init(); before you use the dll everytime.
    Then to read:
    rini_init();//first initialise the dll
    file = rini_open(working_directory + 'ProfilesPlayer ' + global.name + '.ini');//so put the destination of the .ini file here.
    AVariableIWantReadInto = rini_read_string(file, 'PROFILE', 'Status', 'offline');//file being the location stipulated above, then SECTION from where to read, then KEY from where to read, and lastly default value if non-existent.
    rini_close();//close ini file.

  • It's really simple.
    file = rini_open(working_directory + 'ProfilesPlayer ' + name + '.ini');//here is where you tell the dll where the file is. In this case, the ini file with the player's profile is located in a subdirectory called "Profiles".
    rini_write_string(file, 'PROFILE', 'Username', name);//the location we've set to the variable "file", then there's SECTION, then there's KEY, then there's the value you want written.
    //Then you close it.
    rini_close();//close ini file.

  • As long as you provide the location for the .ini file. Remember this dll does have the ability to use .ini files in locations other than the working directory.

    file = rini_open(working_directory + 'A Folder NameAnother Folder Namefile.ini');//this is where you'd stipulate the directory where the ini file can be found.

  • seriously i've been watching this over and over again, can you please make a more simple version, all i want to do is have the ini file in a different folder than the game file and then to be able to change a variable by reading it

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