GameMaker 8 – ini File Encryption and Decryption

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In this tutorial I’ll show you how to encrypt/decrypt your .ini files that contain sensitive settings or player profile data.

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Happy Coding 😀


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  • I'm trying to use this with Studio, I'm not sure if there is anything I have to change, but it doesn't work. My .exe crashes without giving an error.

  • Hi I just watched this video and found it very informative for the game I'm currently working on. That being said, I'm having an issue where the yoyo runner crashes when it tries to encrypt the file. I included the Ultracrypt file under the 'Included Files' resource pane in studio. Any thoughts on why it's crashing? I did download the included gamemaker 8 file and converted it to studio. Thanks 

  • This was an awesome feature to add to my custom .ini save egine, if anybody ever want to play my game. You can probaly find it at   (I know, I ripped of the name and the music….)

  • Awesome dll, I figured out that the encryptions/decryption time relatively decreases when the .ini file gets bigger. So don't worry about putting different accounts into different .ini files for better performance, it doesn't matter that much.

  • is it possible to decrypt a .exe gamemaker file? its a dragonball game i wanted to access the code for ages but i just cant figure out how.

  • Yeah you're right. Dlls are Windows exclusive. I haven't done any programming for mac using Game Maker so I'm not sure how you'll go about it. Give the Internets a search and see if there are alternatives.

  • cool but what if you want to export to mac as well as windows. im pretty sure dll's only work on win

  • thank you 🙂 seriously, i cant hear that sounds. it sickening me. i tell the same thing too for those who did the same thing. i feel gladly, happy and listening carefully when im watching this video but suddenly because of that sounds, i feel no more

  • I do a lot of these tutorials on-the-fly so I guess a little bit of thinking happens every now and then. I guess it's just something I do when I'm deciding on a process. Also, my mic seems to pick up small high pitched sounds more easily and records them quite loudly which is annoying. I plan to get a better mic soon so future vids should have better audio levels.

  • can u stop that "cheerp" stupid sounds of ur mouth. i really hate that seriously! sounds of like when you slurping you saliva =="

  • make a new object, and set it as every coins parent object.
    Now, open your player object, and new event > Collision with the parent of the coins.
    And code this: "sound_play(soundname);"

  • I'm trying to make something like the Red coins from Mario 64 and want to have the sounds play in order no matter which coin you get in order. Do you know how to make this happen?

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