December 4, 2020

Frog and Toad Tricks You Need To Try!

Everyone loves topwater! Check out these tips on Toads and Soft Body Frogs to increase your catch rates today.

The Baits…
Stanley Ribbit:
Stanley Bull Ribbit:
Zoom Horny Toad:
Rage Toad:
Sizmic Toad:
Rage Shad:
Damiki Air Frog:

The Hooks…
6/0, 5/0, 3/0 Owner TwistLock:
6/0 Owner Beast:

The Line…
30 lb MaxCuatro Braid:
65 lb Sufix 832:

Tim’s Rods…
Rod for Smaller Toads- Zodias 7’2″ Med Heavy:
Rod for Larger Toads- Expride 7’2″ Heavy:

Price Point Rods…
Rod For Smaller Toads- 7’3″ Med Heavy:
Rod For Larger Toads- 7’2″ Heavy:

Shimano Metanium:
Abu Garcia Orra Inshore:
Shimano Casitas:

Tim explains the differences between the frogs, foot shapes, sounds, and more. He also explains the right hooks for each brand and style of soft body frog.

Color selection is very simple with toads and frogs. We recommend using as few colors as possible, focusing primarily on white, black, and chartreuse.


Equipment We Recommend…

Favorite Pliers:
Favorite Wire Cutters:
Favorite life jacket:
Favorite sunglasses:
Hero5 Camera:
ElectroSamson Scale:
Promar Net:

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  • I was wondering if you guys could do some “on the water” soft body toad footage/video? I don’t think you guys have any footage fishing with them and I would really like to get better at them. As always, thanks to you Tim/Matt and both TB families for all the videos. 🙏 Thank You

  • Zman hardleg frogs are nice they are buoyant and are quite durable. The legs have a paddle style feet so they make a good deal of sound

  • Don't have Facebook or Twitter so how do I get some of that tactical bassin merchandise need a sunshirt a hoodie, a t, and a hat guys

  • Throw them on mats . Even though the feet are not making noise they still are effective and once they leave the mat , watch out .

  • So this past weekend i was getting frustrated with just getting bit so I decided to try something. Using a 5/0 super wire ewg i tied a snail knot. In doing this it caused the bait to run upside down with the point down but i went from bites to catching every bass that hit like a man. All were hooked in the bottom but way in the back. Not one out of the ten spit the hook. The way the line goes through the eye on a snail knot i never even had to set the hook. Just give it a try and let me know what you think. Forgot to mention i used a zoom horny toad.

  • I couldn't find your link to the "heavier, heavier- lighter hooks" anywhere? Would you reply with that link? Thanks..


  • I have a question, I have a Denali kovert lite 7 foot 2 inch medium heavy. Its a worm and jig rod, but I was wondering what line I should use with that rod since it has micro guides? Aren't micro guides designed only for fluoro? I have tied a braid to fluoro leader, but anything other than a fg knot, (I think thats what its called, it is long and thin) but it still catches in the guides a little more than I am happy with, and I am accustomed to throwing longer leaders.

    Due to that I am kind of confused what I should use that rod for. I know it is best to throw braid for jigs for optimum sensitivity, but a lot of people do use fluoro. So, I'm not sure if I should ditch the idea of throwing jigs on it and use it for something else or just use fluoro. Sorry for the long question.

  • Great video! The newer zoom frogs are excellent too. Soft plastic, rigged similar to the horny toad and it floats. It's pretty much a buzzbait/plopper. Wrecks em!

  • Dont throw frogs in the water, throw them on the bank and slowly work it to the waters edge. Huge bass will burrow into the mud at the water line and wait for frogs to jump in. Ive caught 10 pounders in 3 inches of water on the shore line where they had dug themselves a hole.

  • Love that Rage toad Tim, it also leaves a sweet bubble trail. Love your videos, do you have a instagram site? Mine is @cinjin_fishing

  • when I get hit I drop my rod tip and count in my head 1 thousand one, one thousand 2 then I give them the work. I have also noticed that I hook up better if I do a side set. Great video, showed me a couple more frogs I didn't know about.
    Thanks for the info!!!!

  • Good tips. Glad to see you guys are getting the recognition you deserve. I see you are at 67k subs, seems like y'all were at 60k just a couple weeks ago! Keep up the good work!

  • Nice video Tim! I've never thrown a soft body frog by itself before. Can't wait to give these a try. I ordered the Damiki Air Frog a month ago and it's still on backorder…. Ugh 😉

  • I don't know much about the area's you guys fish but if you could do a segment on how to fish milfoil and produce fish that would be great! I have pulled a lot of fish off the top of the milfoil with these soft frogs but I know the big girls are down in there and I cannot fish it without getting hung up!

  • Hey Tim, you mentioned having a rod with a softer tip when throwing these baits. Could you expound on that? Thanks, your video's are top notch.

  • Frog bite has not turned on in my area yet fish are finiky and skiddish so much bait in the water they wont even look at a senko only been able to catch them in 4 lb seaguar with small basstrix so with it being 100 outside and all the food in tje water fish here are skiddish lake sherwood ca

  • Regarding the hook up ratio, I swear it is the opposite in my area (New England). I struggled so hard with traditional hollow body frogs having a hook up ratio that had to be under 20%. When searching for solutions I came across the soft body frogs. My hook up ratio immediately increased upwards of 75%. I have never looked back since then. I have theorized several reasons why this may be, but i'd love to hear TB's logic and reasoning. Best channel on youtube!

  • Ive tried the Z-man frog the plus is it floats well however what hook or rig do you use to keep it on? can't use a screw lock the mustard with straight pis will not hold??

  • Perfect timing. Going to fish one this weekend. Topwater bite is on. Thanks for the great advice Tim.

  • Man I need to go pickup my boat, left it 6 hours away to get some stuff sorted before fall. New houses are such a buzz kill. Late fall til ice up, I'm going to have to make the best of it.

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