January 18, 2021

Bloodborne Old Hunters NG+ ► DLC IS TOO DAMN HARD!! (SO MUCH RAGE!!) #3

Bloodborne Old Hunters NG+ – DLC IS TOO DAMN HARD!! (SO MUCH RAGE!!) #3. FromSoft has out done themselves with Bloodborne Old Hunters DLC. It is so damn hard! I feel like I punished myself by taking it on in New Game Plus.
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I have a Skill build and I am level 119! That should be a high enough level to beat the DLC but I was wrongly mistaken.

The Old Hunters DLC requires mediation, beer and tears of joy!

If you want a true Bloodborne challenge take the game on in New Game Plus mode, it is so difficult. I sure you will feel the game is Too Damn Hard in no time.

It will be a glorious day when I beat the bloodborne DLC. I can’t wait to get my hand on the Rakuyo then it will be game over.

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  • I'm running through this dlc right now on ng+7. Shits too hard took me like 50 tries to kill ludwig. 6th try on Maria rn

  • i bought the dlc 3 days ago and i couldn't even kill the living failures , it's waaaaay to hard even though i have beaten Midir , Gael , Sister Friede in one session

  • I literally started a new game just for the dlc. I was on ng+3 when I bought it. Fucking brutal. Even on new game it was a ballache. You did well to get as far as you did 👍

  • I accidently started ng+ (i played ds3 before, figured they'd ask you if you wanted to start ng+ after defeating the last boss) and I didnt play anything of the dlc yet, now im level 100 and the dlc is pretty much impossible. That guy with the bearclaws, at the beginning, where the central yharnam lamp would be, is just unbeateble. He has too much health, and deals too much damage. I think i'm just gonna make a new character… i'm getting tired of the chikage anyway…

  • Hey bro I saw this sick ass weapon u were using that I never saw b4 and it was the blades of mercy, I did eileen crows quest and I got it, but my question is where did u get that gangster ass metal helmet thing that goes around the whole face and the move when u move so fast u pretty much disappear and re appear when u are dashing?

  • Damn i thought regular BLOODBOURNE ng+ was hard, old hunters looks like I might throw myself out a window for sure.

  • Damn I kind of want to jump back into bloodborne again. Been playing nioh and it's boring me to tears. I miss the fast paced badassery in bloodborne.

  • I hope you know you're using Blade of mercy doesn't do that much damage that's why you struggling with the enemies I know the dlc hard but still not a good weapon choice

  • i know its a long time since this game was popular, but its still funn to watch videos. and i was wondering how long it took to kill ludvig the accursed on new game pluss

  • bloodborne NG+ really made me dislike this game. I still play it but I didn't want to go to ng+. I wanted to 100 percent this game but now since im in new game plus and I cant do some achievements since I "messed up" this really turned me off from the game. Plus I dont have PlayStation plus so I cant pvp which sucks .This is a shame because I really liked this game.One more thing I have a great character and don't want to go through the hassle of completing this game.

  • I just bought a digital copy of this fucking game and good god its fucked. Ive played now for hours and cant get any place. Ive watched like 5 tips videos and nothing its just to fucking hard,fuck this game I wasted $20

  • Man I hated those two hunters in chapel.
    I uninstalled the game to them 🙁
    Wasted my money on this DLC which I can't play simply because I started it on NG+, that's ridiculous.

  • +Dear Gamer This definitely isn't a dlc you want to do on ng+ unless your level 100-120. Even on ng it was hard as hell, one thing I noticed is you don't use parries and visceral attacks, any reason for it or just not your play style? I found parries plus the rune that gave you 300 hp from every visceral attack to be a huge help in this dlc. Once I finish my ng++ run of DS3 im thinking of playing Bloodborne again or maybe DS2 SOTFS to hold me over until DS3 dlc comes out.

  • i've beat bloodborne 4 or 5 times. a few NG+s' in that mix.

    i made a new character to try out this dlc, because i wanted it to be fresh.

    at level 40, the dlc was way too hard so i then returned to the main game and got up to level 55. but when i went back to the dlc, it was almost like it was harder. nothing in the main game is as hard as the dlc.

    i cant get ANYWHERE in the dlc, its just too difficult.

    am i doing something wrong?

  • Don't feel bad. I'm a long time Souls game veteran, heck, been playing From Software games since their very first Playstation 1 title King's Field and I even think the DLC difficulty is absolutely ridiculous. I'm a level 179 on NG+4 and can't get anywhere on the first boss Ludwig. I think this DLC has set me at the point of not buying future From Software games because I feel I've made a $20 investment with content that is ridiculously too difficult to where I'm unable to even experience what I purchased. Sure I could always invest more $$$ in a Playstation Plus membership so I can enlist the help of online players to defeat a boss who I feel was designed with such difficulty that it seems like that's what they were going for. Forcing me to buy a Playstation Plus membership in a more social gaming setting just to progress in something I already paid for. I'm not going to start the game over with a new character just to play the DLC in hopes that is lowers the difficulty. I'm pretty annoyed by it already. Wish I wouldn't have paid for it.

  • I completed the DLC on the US version on normal game, and it was too hard. I'm waiting for the physical release of the EU version, and my main character is on NG+…this is intimidating to be honest.

  • if you're saying it's too hard. I'm just gonna restart on normal. I'm not good at this to begin with lol

  • It might be harder because this is the only dlc for this game. Plus, it's possible that there won't be any sequels, so I guess they went all out with the difficulty.

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