January 18, 2021

BATTLESHIP review for Nintendo Gameboy


I go monochromatic for a look at Mindscape’s Gameboy conversion of the classic table-top naval strategy game Battleship. And I ask the all important question: does this beloved family favourite have anything special to offer after being digitised and squeezed into a little grey cartridge?

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  • Sorry, I thought I commented kn this before… apparantly it didn't save my comment. Anyway this video is excellent! Brilliantly written & editted 😁

  • I've played two versions of battleship the boardgame and a version on the commodore 64 which unlike this gameboy version didn't add anything new to the game, interesting video sounds like the game's a bit hit and miss but at least it tried to add something to the base game.

  • "just something you've plugged into your game boy to waste some time with" – couldnt that apply to every game or leasure device ever made? 😊 Great vid btw, cool to see a more obscure game boy title.

  • Hmm never owned this one! Does look like a decent, fun version though! Great video dude! 😊👍🏻

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