January 19, 2021

किडनी की बीमारी से बचने के लिए ये 6 सब्जियां ज़रूर खाएं – Kidney Disease Diet in Hindi

स्वस्थ किडनी के लिए ये 6 सब्जियां ज़रूर खाएं |Top 6 Vegetables for Healthy Kidney – Kidney Vegetables Diet in Hindi
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आईये जानते जानतें हैं कौन सी हैं वह सब्जियां जिन्हें खाने से आपकी किडनी बनेगीं स्वस्थ और मज़बूत|

Kidney ki beemari badhti jaa rahi hain aur is duniya ke 10% logon ko effect kar chuki hain. Kidney ka humare shareer me bahut important function hota hai aur inhen swasth rakhna bahut hi zaroori hai. Apne khaan paan me kuch cheezon ko shaamil kar ke hum kidney ko swasth aur mazboot banaa sakte hain jisase na keval kidney apna kaam theek se karegi balki beemariyon se bhi iski suraksha hogi.

Aaj ke is video me aap jaanenge aisi hi 6 sabjiyon ke baare me jinhen khaane se aapki kidney banengi swasth aur kidney ke rogon se bhi aapki raksha hogi. Saath hi video me maine kuch tips bhi share ki hain jinse kidney ka swaasth improve hoga. Poori jaankari ke liye video ko dekhen. Thank you.



(Nutritional Yeast Flakes) (Good source for Vitamin B12)
(Bee Pollen) ( Another good source for Vitamin B12)

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